Matt Purcell: To Stand Out From the Competition, Personal Branding is Everything

Leading speaker, influencer, and entrepreneur Matt Purcell works with Australia’s top brands and individuals to help them be the best in their fields.

Companies and solopreneurs who want to break through the competitive clutter must focus on one essential tactic, says entrepreneur Matt Purcell: personal branding. By developing a personal brand, businesses will build trust and authority with their audience. Purcell says these are the ultimate currency, and they allow brands to emerge as trusted guides in their industry. 

Purcell is a leading speaker, influencer, and entrepreneur in Australia. He works with top businesses and individuals across the country to develop personal brands that resonate with audiences so they can outpace their competitors. 

Personal branding is the unique cocktail of skills, experience, personality, and know-how. Essentially, a personal brand is one’s professional image. It combines three things: how the individual is in real life, how the media portrays the individual, and the impression consumers get about the individual based on information they find online.

“Personal branding is all about being personal,” Purcell said. “It’s making sure you resonate with real values, with people’s real interests and their real pain points.”


Build a Personal Brand Through Social Media

Traditional marketing no longer works because people can distinguish between advertisements and authentic content. Eighty-four percent of millennials don’t trust ads or the companies that run them. However, they do trust people they know, and a personal brand will help them feel like they know a business better. 

Utilizing social media is the best way for companies and solopreneurs to build a personal brand. First, businesses should identify their target audience and establish their key messaging. Then integrate their key messaging on the social media platforms to align their personal brand with their target audience. 

“You need to be relevant,” Purcell said. “If you are not defining your brand, you’re letting others define it for you. Now is the time for CEO’s and key stakeholders in businesses to speak up and bear witness to their own lessons and experiences, which will attract enormous opportunities.” 

Purcell and his creative agency, Mentored Media, help businesses build a personal brand on social media in three steps:

1. Be Human — Consumers want to see the human side of a company. Build a brand story that generates emotions and creates a bond with the target audience.
2. Be Present — Brands spend more money on digital advertising than traditional media advertising. So if a company isn’t online, it may as well not exist.
3. Be Visible — Routinely publish quality content and cultivate relationships with brand ambassadors who can provide valuable word-of-mouth advertising. 

Companies should utilize key employees and or influencers to build their personal brand. Influencers are regular people who have micro-to-massive online followings, and Purcell says they’ve changed the game for how businesses market themselves. Investing in media training and opportunities for essential employees to speak on key issues in the industry is a sure way to improve the company’s connection to its audience.


About Matt Purcell

Purcell is changing the way people think about entrepreneurship. In addition to his work with companies and solopreneurs through Mentored Media, he is a qualified Life Coach and host of The Examined Life Podcast, which regularly tops the Australian iTunes Charts. 

He is also the founder of Social Kung Fu, a verbal self-defense and confidence training program for students. Purcell has been featured on national television and in national campaigns for brands such as Ford Motors, LG Australia, Xero Australia, and more. He is on a mission to “help doers think, and thinkers do.”

Purcell is also a sought-after public speaker. In 2018, he received the LMBEA Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award. 


Matt Purcell has built a solid personal brand as an entrepreneur, influencer, and speaker. Now, he’s helping companies and solopreneurs do the same through his creative agency Mentored Media.

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