Jewel Knows the Tide of Mental Health Will Always Come Back In: Podcast

Jewel Knows the Tide of Mental Health Will Always Come Back In: Podcast

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Jewel joins the Going There podcast to discuss her personal mental health journey and how she learned to except the changing tides of wellness.

The iconic singer-songwriter shares that the cornerstone of her approach to mental health is what she calls the concept of emotional impermanence. Jewel explains that one of the most difficult issues we face on our mental health journey is that oftentimes when we experience depression, anxiety, or addiction, there is such a powerful feeling that our emotions and behaviors are permanent. But her concept of “emotional impermanence” suggests that we are dynamic and ever changing, and that means that our emotions and behaviors can ultimately change as well.

The Freewheelin’ Woman performer shares a childhood story where she watched the ocean, and seeing the tide go out, knew that at some point it could come back in. She used this as a metaphor and inspiration to break free of the hopeless she felt when dealing with anxiousness and depression. Jewel talks about “buckling herself in” to try and weather the difficult times, becoming curious about what she can learn from her emotions and behaviors rather than just trying to avoid or suppress her experience.

Jewel assures us that it is okay if we struggle — that “all of our hearts are destined to be broken.” But if we are curious rather than critical about these difficulties, we may not always feel better, but more often than not, we will learn about ourselves. Rather than constantly feeling defeated, we will remember that the tide always comes back in, and that we can continue to grown on our mental health journey.

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Going There is an interview series in which clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman talks with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet. The series tackles the tough questions and conversations so that we can put an end to the bias against mental illness and get the care we need.

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