Emotions Are Your Super Power – How To Start Using Them Like a Super Hero

Do you remember when Spiderman learned he could shoot webbing out of his hands and he had to figure out how to control the superpower that he had been given? It is a process that all of the superheroes we know and love have to go through until they master how to access and control their powers. As a happiness expert and life coach, I know that emotions are one of the biggest things that take people out of the game of life. You get sacked, tanked or sidelined by negative emotions when something bad happens and then it takes you valuable time to get yourself sorted out and back to normal. With high emotional intelligence, you can avoid crashing and burning when something bad happens in life because you have the skills to identify, process and manage your emotions.

As humans, we are born with emotions, which are a bona fide superpower if you learn how to use them. Here is the catch though, we don’t get training in life on how to use our emotions as a superpower. Having high emotional intelligence, or emotional quotient, is the point where you have mastered your emotions.

What kind of benefits can you get if you grow your emotional abilities like a superhero?

1. It can help you be happier.

2. It can reduce anxiety and conflict.

3. It can facilitate better and more rewarding relationships with people.

4. It can help you deal with stress more efficiently.

5. It can allow you to empathize with others and improve relationships.

6. It can build integrity.

7. It can increase confidence and creativity.

8. It can increase performance and productivity.

9. It can improve work performance.

10. It can make you a more effective leader and manager.

Given the fact that approximately 85% of the population suffers from low self-esteem, and a significant percentage deal with depression, anxiety and mental health problems, these benefits will make life easier, happier and more rewarding.

How do you begin to grow your emotional intelligence or abilities so you can access the superhero powers you already have within you?

I suggest a simple technique to start you on this amazing journey. You can begin by printing out an emotional vocabulary word sheet and using that to pinpoint exactly how you are feeling. I find that identification of how you are feeling is the precursor to processing and managing your emotions. Mostly, in society we use the same common vocabulary words for our emotions: upset, sad, happy, angry, depressed, etc. Yet, there is a difference between being angry and feeling outraged, irritated, insulted or annoyed. There is a difference between depression and feeling lost, hopeless, worried or despondent. This technique can help you grow your emotional intelligence because it activates a preliminary component: self-awareness. You have to become more self-aware if you want to accurately pinpoint your emotional feelings. Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence.

Can it feel weird, uncomfortable and unnatural? Yes, it may. Anytime you learn something new and different that takes you out of your comfort zone, it feels awkward and unsteady. Big deal! I recommend doing it anyway because I believe you are more committed to having your emotions be a superpower than staying stuck, unable to shoot your webbing like a superhero. I have used this process with myself and my three children when they were younger, so I have experienced the power of this technique in building a foundation for growing emotional intelligence. Did my children love using the emotional vocabulary word sheet? No, they did not. I had my kids pick three emotional words for any one situation. So, if they were feeling happy, what three words best described their happiness feeling? Given the years of experience I have with this technique, I recommend using three words for this process.

Will using this technique magically give you emotions as a superpower? No, yet it will begin the process for you to start growing your emotional intelligence, which is what matters. Given the incredible science behind neuroplasticity of the brain, we know that you can learn emotional intelligence and many other things at any time, regardless of your age when you take the necessary steps or actions. Another technique that will help you on this journey to emotions as your superpower is covered in my previous article.

There is no time like today to start your superhero journey to a happier, more powerful, peaceful and fulfilling life. As Superman is often credited to have said: “There is a superhero in all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape.” Or in this case, find the courage to begin your emotional awareness journey.

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